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Can't get content to display on front-end even though it's all setup right

  • For a client site, since they have their contact info in multiple places I created a field group on their Contact page where they can update their info and have it change on the front-end dynamically.

    The only problem is when I tested it on the staging site it worked fine but duplicating it on the live site it wouldn’t work. I thought maybe the security plugin Wordfence or the caching plugin SG Optimizer might be causing the issue but when I turned them off the issue persisted. Those were the only 2 plugins I turned off when I created the staging site but it’s not making a difference now.

    The information is not at all being displayed, it’s just blank, and I’ve quadrupled checked the correct ACF field is being called on and it’s setup properly.

    I’m using Elementor Pro to build the website and the icon list widget.

  • Is the staging site identical to the live site? So if you’re using get_field and it has a page/post ID, it’s the same in both environments?

    Do other fields work on other pages? Are you able to share your code for others to look?

    Have you flushed the cache within the Siteground account? Not just at the WordPress level? I think I once had similar and had to do a master flush (or whatever it’s called).

  • The staging site is identical and fields aren’t being shown anywhere. I’ve also flushed cache through the host a few times and it made no difference.

    I’m not using the ‘get0=_field’ shortcode just through Elementor you can assign an ACF field through their dynamic option. I think each widget that includes text has one.

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