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Can't edit slides

  • On a client site, I have a slide show on their home page.
    In the home page editor, there is a custom field called: “Home Slides”. You can see it in the homepage editor, but there is no content displayed, so they can’t make changes to the slides.
    I just updated both, WP and the plugin, but still no joy.

  • Hi @3primt-tony

    So is it a repeater field? How are the slides created in admin?

    You say you updated the plugin. To what version and from what version?

  • I don’t know, at this point, what version it was before I updated it, but at this point it’s the latest, pro/premium version of the plugin.

    I don’t know how to answer these other questions.
    I was not involved in the initial installation, configuration, or implementation of this plugin, but was just asked to try to fix it, now that it isn’t working.
    I have all the xml/json/php exported files, if any of that will help.

  • The slide show is created with the easygalleryslider

  • I see now that the ACF plugin just inserts this into the page?
    Frankly, I’m unclear what ACF even does that’s supposed to be useful to me.
    Or, it’s supposed to allow me to use a short code to insert and manipulate the slide show from the page editor, or something, but it doesn’t
    I don’t know why the boss paid for a license for this thing…it isn’t working.

  • Ah okay.

    Well ACF works just fine I promise you 🙂
    What it does is create a firm API and GUI in the admin area to create custom meta content for posts, users, terms you name it.

    ACF does *not* add any content to your theme automatically. It does not create slideshows (altho you can use it to create slideshows on your own).

    It’s basically a way to add meta content in WordPress without having to write all the code yourself.

    To do this you go to the menu “Custom fields” from the main navigation in wp-admin. Click on a field group and in there you’ll find the fields belonging to that group.

    You say there’s a custom field called home slides in the editor? do you mean in the actual editor or on the edit screen of the home page?

  • Thanks for taking the time to explain things more specifically for me, Jonathan.

    Obviously, I’m going to have to dig into some code on this one, and figure out what is supposed to be happening in the page editor, and why it isn’t happening.

    But the field is in the page editor (I.e. when I go to page-> all paged-> and choose “Edit” for the home page, where I can edit that page).

    The field appears, but there does not appear any means to edit the slide, which my boss expects to be there (another guy on the team installed the plugin and initially set up this field, so I’m going to have to dig into and diagnose whatever is wrong with his work; He’s generally a skilled bloke, and sometimes fixes my errors, frankly, so I’m surprised his work isn’t functioning…).

    I suspect I’ll be back with more specific questions, eventually, but until I have a better handle on what I’m doing with this, I’ll try to avoid asking any more useless/stupid questions.

  • No problem @3primt-tony

    In what way is there no means no edit the slide? Are there no inputs you can manipulate? Is the slide just a shortcode? If so you might be using a different plugin to create the slides or possibly created your own shortcode in functions or a site-specific plugin.

    I would check the “Custom fields” menu first.. there you should be able to find the field and thus see what kind of field it is etc.

    I can explain how I usually go about creating a slider with ACF. That might help out.

    1. Create a field group under Custom fields.
    2. Create a *repeater field* in the field group.
    3. Create the necessary fields in the field group. The bare minimum would probably be an image field but you could also add like a text field for a title on the slide etc.
    4. Set the location rules. usually to pages.
    5. Head over to a page. Click “add row”(or whatever you named it). Add an image to the image field and type in a title in the text field.
    6. Head over to the theme. I usually create the entire slider in a component file (it’s own php file) and then include it in page.php. Here’s more details on using the repeater field on the front end:

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