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Can't edit after 5.3.9 update

  • After updating ACF Pro from to 5.3.9, buttons and tabs on the post edit screen stopped working. My client lost the ability to insert media or switch between Visual and Text modes. Restoring version fixed the problem.

    Other sites don’t have this problem so I’m guessing it’s a conflict with another plugin. I don’t have time right now to try to narrow it down but wanted to notify you in case others have this problem. I’ve attached a quick dump of the WP environment.

    WordPress: 4.3.3
    Web Server: Apache/2.2.22
    PHP: 5.3.29
    MySQL: 5.1.72-rel14.10

    Active Plugins:
    ManageWP – Worker (v4.1.33) by ManageWP
    Gravity Forms (v1.9.19) by rocketgenius
    Admin Quick Jump (v1.4) by James Kemp
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO (v5.3.8.1) by Elliot Condon
    Advanced Post Types Order (v3.9.2.1) by Nsp Code
    AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild (v1.12) by junkcoder
    Cookies for Comments (v0.5.5) by Donncha O Caoimh
    Duplicate Post (v2.6) by Enrico Battocchi
    WordPress Editorial Calendar (v3.6.2) by Colin Vernon, Justin Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt, and Zack Grossbart
    The Events Calendar PRO (v3.12.6) by Modern Tribe, Inc.
    Google Analytics by MonsterInsights (v5.5) by MonsterInsights
    Gravity Forms – Placeholders add-on (v1.2.1) by Joan Piedra
    Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On (v3.7.1) by rocketgenius
    JW Player 6 Plugin for WordPress (v2.1.14) by LongTail Video Inc.
    Limit Login Attempts (v1.7.1) by Johan Eenfeldt
    McWebby Magnific Popup (v00.01.00) by Donna McMaster
    McWebby Custom Post Types (v00.03.01) by Donna McMaster
    Blubrry PowerPress (v6.3.3) by Blubrry
    SEO Data Transporter (v0.9.11) by Nathan Rice
    Simple Page Ordering (v2.2.4) by Jake Goldman, 10up
    Simple Sitemap (v1.86) by David Gwyer
    Stream (v3.0.6) by XWP
    Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order (v1.4.8) by Nsp-Code
    The Events Calendar Category Colors (v4.4.5) by Andy Fragen, Barry Hughes
    The Events Calendar (v4.1.4) by Modern Tribe, Inc.
    Yoast SEO (v3.3.1) by Team Yoast
    WP Migrate DB Pro CLI (v1.2.4) by Delicious Brains
    WP Migrate DB Pro Media Files (v1.4.4) by Delicious Brains
    WP Migrate DB Pro (v1.6) by Delicious Brains
    WP Code Builder – Clean Content (v1.0) by WP Code Builder

    Must-use Plugins:
    ManageWP – Worker Loader (v) by ManageWP
    McWebby Debug Log (v0.3.0) by Donna McMaster

  • Hi @mcdonna,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    I agree with you speculation as its most likely a plugin conflict on your site.

    In order to ascertain which plugin is causing the issue, you will need to deactivate the plugins one by one in order to narrow down on the plugin that is causing the issue.

    Once you locate the problematic plugin, you can easily find an alternative of find the cause of the issue.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Follow up … the latest release of ACF 5.4.3 fixes the problem.

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