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Can't display the fields assigned in Taxonomies in other pages

  • Hello ACFers,

    We have created a custom product taxonomy named Author (product_author) on a woocommerce project.
    In this taxonomy we have created a custom field named creator, which have different types of authors like poet, write etc.

    We have found a way to display this fields only on this specific page by calling them with the code

    $field = get_field_object( 'creator' );
    $value = $field['value'];

    We want also to display this field in the product page but we haven’t figure out how.

    We are trying to use something like this $field = get_field_object(‘my_field’, 123) but it’s not working because the number 123 is representing posts id and not tag_ID that is used for taxonomies.

    Is it possible to display this fields in other pages?

  • Hi @ramonesmania_1986hotmail-com

    You need to loop through the taxonomy and get the ID, then use that to access the ACF data:

    #get the taxonomy
    if( $authors = get_terms( array( 'taxonomy' => 'author' ) ) ) :
    	foreach( $authors as $author ) :
    		#echo $author->term_id; #debug
    		#now you have the tax ID, you can access the ACF field
    		#use this option to return the value or label
    		$author = get_field('creator', 'author_'.$author->term_id); 
    		echo $author;
    		#ensure the return format is set to both (array) in the acf field to use the below
    		$value =  esc_attr($author['value']);
    		$label =  esc_html($author['label']);
    		echo 'value: '.$value.' label: '.$label; 
  • Thank you very much! Your response was really helpful and I manage to make it work!

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