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Can't change fields after theme integration

  • I integrated my custom fields into my theme. It worked really well, but now I can’t make basic changes like turning off required fields.

    Here’s the site:

    The CPT’s the have ACFs attached to them on the Key Personnel ( and the Projects (

    It’s hosted on WPEngine, and I’ve cleared the cache and reset file permissions many times. Everytime I look at the functions file with the ACF rules I see that the fields are set to required -> ‘0’, but they are still required in the backend.

    Thanks for an awesome plugin, really hoping to get this resolved. Thanks!

  • Hi @mathetos

    First thing is to rule out any ‘outside’ variables such as host caching.
    Can you setup a blank install on a localhost and install your plugins / theme there? Does it work as expected?


  • Hi, I cleared the cache multiple times with no results. I also just downloaded the theme to my local environment and the CPT’s appear but the custom fields do not appear at all. Perhaps there’s something wrong with how I integrated the plugin into the theme? Basically, I included the whole plugin folder in the theme and added this to the functions file:

    define( ‘ACF_LITE’ , true );
    include_once(‘advanced-custom-fields/acf.php’ );

    Let me know what else you think might be causing this. Thanks!

  • I found the problem. I had two different field groups, on the second (the one I was trying to update) I assumed that register_field_group should be register_field_group2 so as not to conflict with the previous. I removed the 2 and was in business again. My bad. Thanks for an awesome plugin!

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