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Can't add sub fields in flexible content

  • Hi,

    I am having a problem adding sub fields to my layouts in flexible content. The problem started today after i uppdated my wordPress to the latest version. When I add a new sub field it get saved as a new field instead of a sub field.

    I also get this message in the page where the flexible content should be added:
    Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/Prov/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/pro/fields/class-acf-field-clone.php on line 130

    Thanks in advance

  • What version of ACF are you using?

  • I’m having the same problem, also running it local on MAMP. WP 5.0.3 and ACF 5.5.3. I haven’t seen the error message. I tried a few things and still ended up with the same sub field –> new separate field problem when adding anything to flexible content.

  • Update! Problem solved! I found this post from another person who had the same issue resolved by updating ACF. I didn’t see any updates for it in my local installation (multisite), but when I checked what version my live site was running I noticed my local one was several versions behind. The latest one is 5.7.10. You can download it from your account. It’s solved the issue for me.

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