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Can't Add New Fields or Change Existing

  • Hey all,

    I’m having an issue that I can’t crack. I am unable to make any changes to existing fields in the admin. I can manipulate the data in the fields, but I can’t add a new field to an existing group or even change the name of a field in the group. If I create a new field group and assign it to a post or page, it works fine.

    I’m using ACP v5.9.2 on WP 5.8.2. I’ve tried disabling all other plugins, but nothing changes.

  • Are you using ACF JSON?

    When you save changes to a field group are they reflected in the admin edit page but do not appear to be changed when editing a post?

  • I didn’t set this particular installation up, but if it was using JSON, I’d see an acf-json directory right?

    As for your question, yeah that’s right. I can see the changes reflected in the admin edit page for the field group, but not when editing a post.

  • I would say that the acf-json folder or the files in it are no longer writable. I would check the file permissions of the folder and the JSON files in it.

  • Unfortunately, there are no json folders or files in this project.

  • The only things I know of that would cause the fields to be different between the ACF field group edit page and how the field group is shown when editing is that the field group on the edit page is
    1) Being loaded by a JSON file this is not being updated and this could be from an acf-json folder anywhere in the theme, child theme or a plugin.
    2) The field group is being altered by a filter in some way, I think this would be rare.
    3) The field group is being created in PHP before being loaded from the DB. This one is least likely, but possible.

  • I appreciate your help on this so far.

    I’ve searched plugins and all themes for afc-json and it doesn’t exist. I’m going to take another crack at disabling all other plugins and see.

    I’m going to search functions for any custom afc code as well.

    Anybody else have any ideas?

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