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Can't add nested "Flexible Content" for existing "Flexible Content" field.

  • Hi! I have problems with adding “Flexible Content” as subfield for existing Flexible Content field. There are no troubles with creating the subfield, but it doesn’t work when I try add content while editing a page. Subfields just don’t appear.

    I use the PRO version of ACF.

  • The same happens if I use repeater field as parent for “Flexible Cotnent”

  • I just did a quick test and didn’t have any problems adding nested flexible fields in either a flexible field or a repeater.

    Can you describe what happens when you attempt to add nested flex fields.

  • I have already deleted the field and did what I want in another way. It’s very strange but problem is gone and I can’t reproduce it once again. But anyway thanks for your reply.

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