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Cannot update value and save

  • I am using version ACF 4.2.0 I have a simple Yes /No radio button. The default is “Yes”. If I want to change it to “No” it won’t save. If I choose “No” for a new post it will save. The only way to change it is manually change it in the database. Any idea what is causing this? Or how to fix it?

  • Hi @Bloke

    Can you try creating a new field with a different name.
    Does this field save? Try a different field_type too.

    Let me know what you find,


  • I also created a new field with a new name and it would not save. If I go to the “advanced settings” on the post it shows Name: text box Value:text box and I can change it there and it will save. Can’t use the radio button to change the value back.

  • I have the very same issues.

    I can add a value in the backend the first time, but then it can never be changed or deleted from there again.
    We use field groups with some conditions and I can see the fields in the post_meta table. But updating/deleting the values from the editor view does not work.

    We use it with the WP e-commerce to add specifications to a product.

  • There are saying to change
    add_action( ‘save_post’, ‘wpsc_admin_submit_product’, 10, 2 )

    to this?

    add_action( ‘save_post’, ‘wpsc_admin_submit_product’, 1, 2 )

  • Exactly. This solved it for me. But updating the WP e-commerce plugin might override it, hence it seems just a workaround for now.

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