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Cannot Update Posts in Admin

  • Hi guys,

    We are using ACF Pro hosted on WPEngine, and have had some problems with posting/updating from the Admin area.

    We disabled all other plugins, set the theme to 2015, and determined that we cannot save/update from the Edit page when ACF Pro is active. Of course, we need the custom fields.

    With ACF pro disabled, there are no problems and posts save/update normally.

    Firebug gives us a JS error:

    TypeError: invalid ‘in’ operand a

    …”]=b.toLowerCase()});function r(a){var b=”length”in a&&a.length,c=m.type(a);retu…

    We are using Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.2.3. (We had to downgrade from because the new version broke a Google Map field and a Repeater field. Downgrading restored both.)

    Thank you, in advance.


  • Is that the entire error? Does it tell you what JS file is causing the error? Can you post the entire error?

    Does WPEngine add any type of code that alters the way JS is loaded?

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