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Cannot save more than 64 fields in field group

  • I have a problem when creating more than 64 fields in the fields group using plugin “Advanced custom fields”. I’ve already found out that problem is in saving of new fields not in loading from database, because when I put new field directly to database it is loaded and shown in plugin (in the list of fields).

    I was trying to find source of the problem and found out that fields are send in $_POST[“fields”] array. But when they are processed by plugin method the $_POST[“fields”] variable has only 64 fields in it (I tried count($_POST[“fields”])) even if there is more fields in the form.

    So I think that this array is cut to size of 64 somewhere in wordpress probably.

    I tried this

        add_filter( 'postmeta_form_limit' , 'customfield_limit_increase' );
        function customfield_limit_increase( $limit ) {
            $limit = 100;
            return $limit;

    but it didn’t work. Any suggestions please?

  • Check your:
    1) max_input_nesting_level
    2) max_input_vars
    in your php configuration, I set it to:

    1) max_input_nesting_level=256
    2) max_input_vars=5000

    and i`ts fix my problem.
    Hope its helps you.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english)

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