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Cannot get ACF Form to save, using Genesis

  • I’ve got a page template created for an ACF form, and it’s populating the form with all the ACF fields connected to the custom post type that I’ve designated in acf_form().

    However, no Custom Post is getting created when I fill out the form.

    I then realized I’d forgotten to add acf_form_head(); in my page template.

    However, I’m using the Genesis framework, and I’m not clear on how to add this function.

    My latest version looks like this:

    add_action( ‘genesis_init’, ‘shs_add_acf_head_functions’ );
    function shs_add_acf_head_functions() {

    but I’ve been trying all the hooks I could find that should be preceding get_header(), namely genesis_pre and genesis_pre_framework. But none are working.

    Hoping someone knows if I’m on the right track and which hook to use – or perhaps I’m completely off track…

  • And of course, soon after posting, I find the answer.

    For those interested, it was the genesis_meta hook that I needed:

    add_action( ‘genesis_meta’, ‘shs_add_acf_head_functions’ );
    function shs_add_acf_head_functions() {

    Now the form is working properly and generating the Custom Post.

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