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Cannot Change Title and Info

  • I am trying unsuccessfully to change the names and information on 3 of the 6 tabs I have created using this plugin.

    My site is Toward the bottom of the page, you will see Mind, body and Spirit. I have been unable to change either the title or the information contained.

    I want to change these 3 names and the information below.

    Please advise. THANK YOU!!

  • Hi @docwellness

    Can you please elaborate more on your field settings so that I can be able to assist. Also please share the ACF code which you are using to display the tabs.

    I believe changing the title and the information contained within the tabs should be as easy as changing the custom fields’ value from the respective edit screen where the fields have been attached.

  • Thank you James.
    I click on CUSTOM FIELDS and it comes to the field group that I called Home-

    I click on EDIT and it opens up to the 6 fields that I have. The first 3 ar=
    e fine, but the last three are: Mind, Body and Spirit. (You can see this to=
    ward the bottom of my page at

    I try to change the name and though it changes on this page, it does not change on my site. I change the FIELD LABEL and FIELD NAME but it does not show up as being different.

    Forgive me but I do not understand what you mean by the ACF code.

  • Hi @docwellness

    For the changes to take effect on the front end, yo will need to edit the field value and not the field name.

    Head over to the Home screen page on your WP backend and make the changes that you desire on these fields. I believe the custom fields are already assigned to this page.

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