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Can you select a query from custom db table?

  • Hello,
    I have been using this plugin for quite some time, and I love it.
    There are some customized features, that I have been using other frameworks for, and I am wondering if its possible to achieve with ACF.

    When I create a select field, is it possible to set the options of the select with database query of results from a custom table that I created? I know I can do custom relations to posts and tax, but what about custom created tables?
    Something like:

    title, value
  • Not sure what you’re asking.

    If you want ACF to save values to a custom DB, it will not do this on its own.

    If you want to populate the choices of a select field, you can populate them from anywhere as the code to do the populating is completely up to you

  • Thank you!!
    Yes, I wanted to populate choices.
    It worked with me, the plugin is now highly reliable for me.

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