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Can you guys help me.

  • I sent in a support ticket but I was wondering if you, the community, could help me.

    Here is my issue:
    I have a repeater that hosts photos and manually entered metadata. I have a front end form for it. I want added some code in a function (and attached it to the acf/update_value/type=repeater hook), to create posts based on the photos. I put code that creates WordPress posts at various sections of my code to debug it. At the very start of the code it creates a post with the title of the value of have_posts(‘myrepeater’, $post_id). When run, it creates a post with an empty title, even though I am submitting content into that repeater. Is ACF clearing it for some reason?

  • UPDATE: I am now using load_value and it results in an infinite loop. Why?

  • It would probably help if you post the code of your function that adds the new posts along with the add_action you’re using. I’d probably be using the acf/save_post hook for this.

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