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Can there ever be too much?

  • I’m working through a project that lists 5 different careers. On average there are 8 colleges certificates associated with each career and with each college certificate there are about 6 courses that get listed.

    The plugin and the repeater field are perfect for this. The client can add or take away careers, certificates and courses to their hearts content but I’m a little concerned the the admin on that page is getting a little long.

    Thought about going the Options route but I can only create 1 option that has children and if I went this route I would need to create 5 options. I understand ACF is working on this but I don’t think I can wait.

    So the question is really, can you ever have too much information on one page?

  • you could do an option page and use the layout field “tab” to separate you content. then you will be able to access the content of the option page as usual and it may look clearer on the back-end.

  • Under Layout I only see Table and Row.

    Could you tell me more about the Tab Layout?

  • I did some further research and I found the tab layout in the drop down. It will be put to good use in the future.

    Can you provide a code sample of the ACF loop using a tab?

    BTW – I could not use the options page because I have repeated values and the options page only supports 1 unique filed value. What I did was created pages for each item and then I referenced the page ID the_sub_field(‘course_title’, 569);

  • One more question. Is there a trick to doing nested tabs or is that not possible?

  • Hi,
    to use ACF loop with tab it works in the exact same way as you would do it without tab get_field("field_name"); it doesn’t matter what tab your field is in, the tab is just there to organize the back-end but the values of the fields are registered in the same way.

    I didn’t find any ways to do nested tabs I think it’s not possible at the moment without doing some custom code .

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