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Can it be used for distribution in end product?

  • Dear ACF Team,

    It would be nice if there is possibility to use ACF Pro with Developer Licence in an end product which will be used for selling on Marketplaces like Envato.

  • This is a user help forum (users helping users) and the ACF team does not get here much. It’s not really a team though, it’s just one guy.

    I’m not the developer, however I don’t see this happening. Consider how relatively inexpensive ACF Pro is compared to other premium plugins just by the fact that you don’t have to renew your license for it every year like most others.

    I’d be surprised if there are any premium plugins that would approve of what you’re asking for, distributing your license to their product in you’re own product.

    I can mark this tread for the developer to take a look at when he gets time.

  • I just received email from Elliot(The Developer),

    He indicated that the plugin can be used for distribution. That is awesome!!

    Please check link for more information:

  • Yes it can, but you indicated that you want to distribute your dev license with it. That you can’t do. I thought you knew about the first part and was covering the second part.

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