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Can I do this with ACF?

  • We are working on site where we will present the content dynamically on the basis of visitors previous page. There are 3 types of landing pages Global, Printing and Converting. For example, on the Printing landing page, there are certain core competencies pertaining to Printing. Similarly there are also core competencies pertaining to Converting on the Converting landing page, but not as many as the Printing one has. So as mentioned above, there are core competencies pertaining to Printing, there are some pertaining to Converting, and then there are some that are pertaining to both.

    These pages would have to be dynamic, because either way, if you were a user clicking on Brand Security from the Printing landing page, you’d see the content pertaining to “Printing”. Whereas if you clicked on Brand Security from the Converting landing page, you’d see the content pertaining to “Converting”.

    To rephrase it with another example let’s say, a user starts on the Converting landing page and then clicks on the Engineering Services from there, so they’re on that page now. Engineering Services is also in Printing landing page. But if a person came from the Printing landing page and clicked on Engineering Services, they’d see that page but that page would have different content on it pertaining to printing, rather than someone coming from Converting and seeing converting content. So this is where the dynamic content comes in.

    ​Will your plugin be able to achieve this?

    On another note, ACF Pro can do the following too:

    While browsing through one e-commerce site I noticed that they have a cool solution for indicating which items are in other users’ carts. The way it works is that such items get a special green “band” (see attachment: on their thumbnail on the product grid.

    Do you know if your plugin can do this? We are using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) for this online store. Or if you could point out to some other WP plugin that could offer such a solution? I believe this would urge our users to buy items on our site even quicker.

    You may also see it in action on this site: ​

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  • You could create different fields that will be displayed for different conditions, but no, ACF will not sort out those conditions for you, like knowing what page the user was on last and showing the right content. You’d need to figure out how to do that and code it into your templates, and you’d need to have different templates for each level of these pages. Honestly, a better solution would be to simply have different pages. One for engineering under printing and another for engineering under converting, etc.

    Your second question is also code related. Anything is possible, but ACF does not provide any functionality beyond managing the content of custom fields in the admin.

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