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Can a field generate a button?

  • I am new to this and was hoping for a little guidance.
    As an admin – I have a custom post type “Position” and am using it to list job descriptions.
    If a Position is OPEN (a radio box in the back end) – I would like an “Apply Now” button to appear in the front end below the position description.

    Could someone give me some bullet point guidance how to execute this? I can’t imagine this is a unique situation. But is ACF where to do this type of thing?

    Thank you!

  • I’d be inclined to use a true/false field. You can then do something like:

    <?php if ( get_field('position_open') ): ?>
    Add button code here
    <?php endif; ?>

    Just change position_open to the name of your true/false field

  • Jarvis, thank for replying. I am doing something wrong. But here is an image to illustrate. Not working with PHP – I have a feeling I don’t have the php code in the correct location as the text “Add button code here” shows up regardless of whether condition works.

    See the attached image. If I do not have the php code in the correct place – where does it go?

    I left the “Add button” text as I am not there yet. I just want that text to appear and disappear depending on whether the “position_open” T/F is ticked or not in the Position CPT.

    Thanks for any continued help.

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