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call a form from one CPT in another CPT page

  • Hi.
    i have two CPT`s. cpt1 and cpt2.
    cpt1 is a front-end page with a acf form that meant to show data and contain a registration form.
    cpt2 is not open to the public from the front-end. and needs collecting the registration data i get from cpt1.

    my code to display cpt2 form in cpt1 single page:

            'id' => 1234, /cpt2 id number 
            'post_id'        => 'new_post',
            'new_post'        => array(
                'post_type'        => 'student_list', // the cpt2 slug name
                'post_status'    => 'publish'
            'submit_value'    => 'Send'

    1) can i show only selected fields in the front end and not the full form?
    2) can i send data from cpt1 form to cpt2 form on form submit (not the user data, but cpt1 data)?

    Thank you. and i hope i’m clear

  • I have ensured myself.
    but cant delete this

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