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Calendar of CPT Posts Using Date Picker

  • WordPress has get_calendar to show a simple calendar of the current month with each date linked when there is a post associated with it. Oddly it doesn’t work with custom post types, and WordPress is aware of the issue and over the past few years seems to be slowly making progress at fixing that omission.

    In the meantime I plugin like accomplishes it. However it’s based on the publish date and need it based on the start date in ACF Date Picker. As I imagine having a simple calendar is common was wondering if anyone had a snippet of how to accomplish this by either function to modify get_calendar, or modifying that CPT plugin <;.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Following! Have you found a solution?

  • Also following! Have you find a solution?

  • No, unfortunately still waiting on a response here on anyone knowledgeable on the product.

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