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Calendar for ACF custom post types

  • I have 2 custom post types: Events, courses. Events have 2 datepicker custom fields (Event_start, event_end), Courses have 4 pairs of datepicker custom fields (period_a_start, period_a_end, … period_d_start, period_d_end). Is there a calendar plugin to display all these custom post types using their date picker fields?

  • Generally speaking an event/calendar plugin will create another custom post type. You already did that with the Event and Courses CPT.

    It all depends on how complex your situation is but making a custom query based on ACF date fields isn’t that hard and it’s all explained in the documentation:

    I would give that a try fist.

  • Hey @devnet22 ,

    Did you managed to figure this out?
    I’m looking at the same problem, so I would be very happy to hear your solution to this.


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