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Calculating a sum of a number field for all posts

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a Custom Post Type named “Person”.
    Each posts in that CPT have an ACF number field “age_number”.

    I want to show by a shortcode on the frontend of my website, the sum of the field “age_number” for all the posts in this CPT.

    I found a function that seems to be working at the beginning but after a couple posts added, the results are wrong. Not sure what is going on in the formula.

    Here’s the piece of code I added in my functions.php:

    function get_total_age($query_args) {
        $total = 0;
        $posts = get_posts($query_args);
        foreach ($posts as $post) {
            $total += get_field('age_number', $post->ID);
        return $total;
    function show_total_age() {
        print get_total_age(array('post_type'=>'person'));
    add_shortcode('show_the_total_age', 'show_total_age');

    What I’m I doing wrong? I’m a not an expert in PHP so any help is really appreciated.


  • Hi,

    You don’t explicitly say what’s wrong with the results you’re seeing. But I can think of a few reasons that you don’t see the results you’re expecting. The most obvious one is the call to get_posts.

    In the args array passed to get_posts, you don’t specify ‘numberposts’. If you leave it out, it will default to 5. If you want all posts, you need to specify -1. Please se for details.

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