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Buttons not showing Flexible Content nested in Repeater

  • Hi Devvers of the awesome Advanced Custom Fields!

    I have a website where I have a Flexible Content Field nested in a Repeater field.

    Working quite neat, however the css of the repeater field overrules the css of the flexible content field, so the add and remove buttons of the flexible content are not showing on hover – so my client can’t delete the flexible content blocks.

    To be specific: input.css?ver=1.1.0 line 34 position, visibility and opacity are causing this.

    Can this be resolved?

  • Furthermore it would be an awesome extra if a user can drag the flexible content field also into other repeater fields.

    Like drag flex 2 to repeater 2 in the example below:
    — repeater 1 —
    – flex 1
    – flex 2
    — repeater 2 —
    – flex 3
    – flex 4

  • Hi @Richard

    Thanks for the feature request. I’ll have a think about how I can do the drag / drop soon.

    As for the issue with missing buttons on the flexible content field. This is a CSS bug which is present in the current repeater field.

    You an re-download the repeater field to fix this issue or wait for the official release this week.


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