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Button Sidebar / ACF Plugin

  • Hello.

    I have a button on the Sidebar on every page of a particular module (button embedded in sidebar widget).
    Clicking the button opens a popup with a different URL on each page (edit with ACF).
    I enter the relevant code accordingly on each page.

    I want in some pages that by clicking this button, different URL link will open in a new tab.

    That is, one button that can also be used for cases where I want to use Iframe in Popup as I do now

    And, in cases where I want to do so, a different link will open on each page in a new tab.

    Popup based modal. Filed in ACF plugin. Php for the filed in the page.

    now it looks like that at ACF plugin:
    Filed name: button_url
    Type: Text Area

    at the page code:

    <div id = "myModal" class = "modal">
      <! - Modal content ->
       <? php the_field ('button_url');?>

    and have style css for the popup.

    So basically I need add option for the first filed.
    1) open pop up (currently have this)
    2) redirect to some link in new tab

    both with 1 button on sidebar widget.

    The choice of which option one to use should be from each page.

    Can you help me, and explain how to do it?
    How to edit it in ACF
    And what code should I add in the page code for that?

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