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Bundling Pro with a Premium Theme?

  • Was wondering what your thoughts or process was for allowing the ACF Pro to be bundled with Premium paid themes and installed via TGM plugin framework.

    I assume you can bundle, however it will then be up to that client to purchase a licence from your website once the plugin is installed and apply it to that plugin.

    I’m aware that Revolution Slider has created a good model for the new Split Licence changes that are now seen at Themeforest for this.

    Cheers, chris 🙂

  • Hi @zdmedia

    At the moment, yes, ACF PRO can be included (bundled) within a premium theme or premium plugin. Please note that the license key must not be distributed.

    If TGM allows a .zip file, then you should be fine to include the acf pro .zip within your theme / plugin.


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