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Bulkpost with MainWP and ACF

  • I’m using MainWP to bulk post to some client sites. We manually add ACF custom fields when we post. The custom fields we add are textarea fields that have a shortcode in them. They fields are also set to treat line breaks as paragraph tags.

    The issue I’m having is that when we bulk post the blogs, we have to go onto each client site and re-save the post again in order for the paragraph tags and shortcodes to process.

    Is there a way to circumvent this? A filter maybe?

  • The problem is most likely that during the post process the acf field key reference is not being saved. For every custom field saved to the db there is also a reference field. The meta_key for this is '_'.{$field_name} and the value of this field is the ACF field key. Without this reference ACF does not know what to do with the field value when you use an function like get_field($field_name);

    There are a few choices.

    The first is to use a WP filter and somehow create this ACF field key reference when the post is added.

    The second is to use the acf field key instead of the field name when calling update_field()

    The 3rd is to use the field key when getting the field in your template when using and acf function like get_field()

    and the last you already know is to update the post manually.

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