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Bulk Edit?

  • Hi,

    I have a couple of posts which have the same value of certain fields. When I want to change the value of this field I have to edit all x posts which is a little inconvenient.

    So I was searching for a bulk editing possibility and found this plugin:
    It should do exactly what I want.

    It seems however that it does not work with ACF. Does ACF use a special format for storing its values into the database? Has anyone tried this plugin in combination with ACF?


  • Hi @peterf

    ACF saves data as per the standard postmeta.

    Perhaps you could shine some light on what exactly the issue is?

  • sure. I was trying the beforementioned plugin and after saving the changed value it does not seem to save it.

    After looking in the DB I see the value is stored with reference to the post_id of the field group so that is probably the reason why its not showing in the actual posts where this field group is assigned.

    Is there any working method for bulk editing field values? Maybe as a paid Ad-on in the future? 🙂

  • Hi @peterf

    Interesting… yes, this would be a great feature to have…
    Perhaps as another separate plugin.

    Not sure when I’ll have the time, but will try to create it.


  • I am not too sure how it works, since I bought their older plugin and they gave me the Admin Columns Pro for free, but they made a acf-bulk-edit plugin that is actually really cool and useful!

    The website is

  • @olie480 Can you tell me how I can bulk edit ACF content with Admin Colums PRO? I contacted them and there is unfortunately no such option.


  • @abombelli You have to buy Admin Columns Pro. Once you have that, in the my account section, you’ll have 2 other plugins that come with Admin Columns Pro, cac-addon-acf (for Bulk Edit / Inline Edit of ACF fields) and a cac-woocommerce for woocommerce. The bulk edit on admin columns pro unfortunately isn’t like the wordpress bulk edit, but more of an inline edit on the columns that allows you to quickly edit a custom meta field so you don’t have to go into a post and do it. So its not REALLY bulk edit, but it makes editing custom fields for many posts faster because you can do it on the post listing screen in admin. See my image here for an example:
    Example Admin Columns Pro with ACF Add-on

  • Has anyone figured out how to achieve this? This as in quick/bulk editing of custom fields. That admincolums plugin is really a non-starter for most being that it is overkill when you need just that single feature. That and adding new columns is easy to do with a few line of code. I’m surprised that this isn’t a built in feature of at least the Pro version.

  • +1 as a feature request

  • with admin columns is great to quick edit

    but +1 for MASS QUICK EDIT

    for example edit multiple acf field for a selection of users

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