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Building a review site

  • I have two custom post types product and review. The product have a custom taxonomy fruits with terms apples and bananas.

    All review has a custom field that is a relationship to product, so I can easily choose the product to review (using ACF). For example I might add a review post called “Granny Smith Review” and choose the product “Granny Smith”. (Is this a good way of doing things btw? I feel like it will be alot of duplicate posts, one for the actual product and one for the review of the product, but it could be the same maybe?)

    However in my navbar I have a link called ‘Reviews’ that points to this url: and my archive-review.php successfully list all reviews.

    Question: Is it possible to have a url that points to or so I can have a dropdown menu called ‘Apples’ that only shows review with apple term (which is the taxonomy on the product)?

    Or if you know any more clever way to structure things I would be glad to hear!

    I’m a new developer so I would be very happy with any feedback, thanks!:)

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