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Building a product finder with ACF

  • Hey everyone. So I am not too new with ACF but still haven’t explored everything with ACF.

    I had a question. I’ve been tasked to build something like this for a client:

    is this possible within ACF?

    So the steps would go:
    1. select the application
    2. select the manufacturer
    3. select equipment
    4. Select one of the auto populated models
    5. shows you the correct part (battery) that is specific to that model.

    I would need this to be hooked up to the woocommerce loop so that it i can redirect to the proper product.

    let me know if this possible or if you guys can direct to something similar and i can piece things together.

  • This is a very large project and would not be possible to explain everything.

    I suggest you break it down into parts and then look into each part. Beyond the fact that you’ll be using ACF fields in your queries there is very little that this really has to do with ACF.

    You need a form. Every change made will require a JavaScript action that makes an AJAX request to do a query that returns values to populate another field.
    1) Create Form
    2) Create fields
    3) Add an action to every field when it is changed
    4) Client side make correct AJAX request
    5) PHP side to process that AJAX request and return value in JSON fromat
    6) Client side to parse the response and populate fields/content

    When all is said and done you won’t be able to connect this to the loop. You will need to run a loop when processing the final AJAX request over the returned results and return the data and links that you want shown and then the JS on the client site will need to populate the content to the page.

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