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Buggy documentation and asleep forum …

  • Hello all,

    First, I want to thank Eliott for his fantastic developpement of ACF. It is a really clean module, seems to be not bugged, etc, etc … But :

    His documentation is subsequent, but buggy ! for instance, I was trying to understand the use of ACF_FORM since days, unsuccessfully I have to say. I was not understanding the use of pre_save filter, realising my software was not utilising it !!! why ? an enormous mistake in the documentation. If you look at that page,, you will notice the option “post_id” has to be set to “new_post” for a new post. If now you look at, you will notice $post_id = ‘new’ in the filter, and in options of acf_form !!! I was trying to use “new_post”, correcting the filter … but somewhere else in the pluggins, ‘new’ was used, so using “new_post’ like described in the documentation was bypassed … once I understood this, it was easier to understand ACF. And my software was going into the pre save filter !

    Then I did ask for help in the forum, with no answer. In fact, 70 % of the questions asked in that forum got no answer, maybe more. Then 10 % or more are spammed messages … so what ? that forum is a bad forum, sorry, no animation, no answers … and it is not Eliott’s fault, he has certainly more to do …

    And the product is so good 🙂

  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the feedback. After consideration we now have a dedicated team working on responding to all issues raised on the forum.

    Incase you have a personal issue with the plugin you can also contact the support through email for immediate support.

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