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Bug when using sidetabs/short content boxes

  • Hey,

    I’ve been using ACF on a pretty bulky project and have been using side tabs to organize different content, in doing this I have come across a bug (See attached for a visual, the first one shows the bug, the second showing why it’s annoying!).

    I presume this is happening due to my content are having a lower height than that of the tabs. I had a quick play with the styles to try temporarily fix it but didn’t have much luck!

    I know it’s quiet niche and not a common issue but would be really great to get it fixed!

    Thanks, Harry.

  • thanks for the bug report. I will do my best to bring this to the developer’s attention.

  • Thanks, could you let me know if there’s a fix released (Don’t worry if not) so I can be sure to update my plugins?

    Thanks, Harry.

  • Hey guys.

    I’ve just fixed this issue and will include it in the next version!

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