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Bug Or Feature: Delay Initialization of Multiple WYSIWYG Editors

  • We are using a Flexible Content block with various types of content blocks inside of it. We have about 8 layouts, 2 of which include WYSIWYG editors.

    On single posts, we are using the regular post content in addition to our flexible content.

    We saw an issue where, when one of our flexible content blocks using a WYSIWYG editor was being used, the main post content WYSIWYG was breaking and doubling its output on the screen.

    The solution to this was to enable Delay Initialization, but this caused a bit more confusion for us.

    We set Delay Init to true on only one of our content blocks and saw that it continued to be initialized after the page was fully loaded without us clicking into it. In this test, this was the only content block on the page – the other block using a WYSIWYG editor was not used on this post.

    It was only when we enabled Delay Init on the WYSIWYG editor in the other content block that the content block’s WYSIWYG editor mentioned above would not initialize.

    So, it seems as though it’s a one-or-none situation with Delay Init right now. If you have multiple flexible content blocks with WYSIWYG editors in them, you need to set Delay Init to true on ALL of them, otherwise the WYSIWYG will be fully initialized – even if it has Delay Init set to true.

    Is this a feature? Or a bug? I would think if we set Delay Init to true on one editor, it would not initialize that editor regardless of what is going on in other content blocks.

  • It looks like you may have a conflict issue. wysiwyg field delayed init does not effect the standard WP editor and setting delayed init on one fields does not effect other wysiwyg fields.

    deactivate other plugin and maybe switch themes to see if you can figure out where the conflict is.

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