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NEEDED: Not allowing Attachments Post-type

  • Hey Elliott

    Bug in the acf/core/controllers/field_group.php Line 573

    In the field group > Locations section of ACF. If I chose a condition to negate (not equal to) Attachments, it doesn’t exist… This is important for someone who has a lot of CPTs and do not want to list each conditions of equal to..

    In my installation I’ve removed “attachment” from the 3rd parameter:
    for example. Changed:

    $choices = apply_filters('acf/get_post_types', array(), array('attachments'));


    $choices = apply_filters('acf/get_post_types', array(), array());

    Now I know there is a better way to do this. To only allow “attachment” if the condition is “not equal to”. But you never know…..maybe people might want field group on their attachments page 😉

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