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Bug in forum site

  • The cause of this is usually because someone added a <li> tag without adding a<ul> or<ol> tag or they failed to properly close any of these tags. This is do to the way the BBPress uses an unordered list to show comments and the invalid HTML breaks the nesting of this list.

    This condition could exist in any of the search results listed and this makes it difficult to find the offending comment. It can be fixed by editing the offending comment to correct the missing html if it can be located.

    You can see the posts in the list by inspecting the block that is over the posts, this will highlight this element on the page <div id="sidebar" class="widget-area"> then you can delete this element from the HTML which will allow viewing the results.

    The original poster can do this and then be able to edit their comment to correct it.

    If you find the offending post and post a link to I can try to correct it.

  • John I think you’ve miss-read my email ? I’m referring to THIS forum.

  • Yes, I am referring to this forum as well. It is a known issue, at least to me. I see it all the time. There is really nothing that can be done to fix it because this forum uses BBPress, which uses an unordered list to show comments and comments allow HTML markup. If the HTML in a comment is not right it breaks the BBPress list.

  • Ok understood, thanks for confirming. I’ll leave open here till they fix it.

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