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BR tags are inserted…

  • Hi

    I have a weird issue on one of the pages where I’m using your great plugin to get some custom fields. You can see the page here:

    In line 304 several <br> tags are inserted, but I can not see them in the wysiwyg field in the backend…

    I’m using this code to display the field:

    <div id="producenter_omraader_facts">
    		// load producenter_omraader_facts for this taxonomy term
    		$producenter_omraader_facts = get_field('producenter_omraader_facts', $taxonomy . '_' . $term_id);
    		echo $producenter_omraader_facts;

    On other pages which are using the exact same fields and templates there are no <br> tags, see e.g. view-source:

    Hope you can help me solving this very weird issue.

  • Hi @psejersen

    Looking at the source code within the div with id=”producenter_omraader_facts”, I can’t see any br tags…

    Can you attach a screenshot of the field group edit page showing the WYSWIYG field will all settings open?

    Also, can you attach a screenshot of what the WYSIWYG field looks like when you input a value?


  • Really strange, it must have been some caching issue (even though I cleared the cache).

    It’s solved now. Thanks for the fast reply, though 🙂

  • Even though this is marked as solve, I’d like to re-open it because I am suffering from the same symptom.

    I have approximately 50 BR tags getting injected before the content of my posts. This is not kosher and I would like for someone to help me resolve it.

    When I disable ACF, the issue goes away. Cache is not the issue here.

    Please advise!

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