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Bootstrap/shoestrap & acf_form issue

  • Hi guys,

    haven’t been here for some time now, my old user account dont know what happened so lost my previous posts… Still on the old forum.

    Moving on…

    First off Im using shoestrap child theme created by me, as you may know it runs with bootstrap.

    The issue:
    I’m building for a client of mine a way for his employees insert some expenditures on to the system, i’m using my own CPT.

    And I created the front-end form as I have done over the last 2/years I have been using ACF.

    $options = array(
        'post_id' => 'new',
        'field_groups' => array(14),
        'post_title' => true,
        'submit_value' => 'Add cost'

    It works OKAY, but since im using Bootstrap the form created by ACF get all messed up (Screenshoot).
    Since ACF uses Bootstrap classes on the forms(not ACF fault is perfect) Bootstrap messes up the form.

    Did I remove the ACF styles: YES.

    So my question is… how can I make this work without have to create custom CSS rules?

    Anyone come across this issue? How can we “neutralize” bootstrap on acf forms?

    PS: Issue?! When i use ‘post_title’ => true, it doesn’t show the post title input in the form… but it should. at least that’s what I understood from the documentation.


    All the best!

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