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Blocks not showing on frontend and backend

  • I’m using:

    Wordpress 5.6.2
    ACF Pro 5.9.4
    Gutenberg 9.9.2

    The problem I’m experiencing is that sometimes on seemingly random occasions, blocks aren’t rendering the values from their fields on both frontend and backend, resulting in a blank block. I can add the block to the editor, but when I enter values into the fields (it can be an image field, a text field, any field from what I’ve tried), it doesn’t seem to register and render the values. Already added blocks are working though.

    Sometimes it works perfectly, but occasionally this bug happens. As soon as this problem occurs, any new block that I add seems to also behave in the same way. I can however duplicate already added and working blocks and use these without a problem.

    Is this a known problem? Has it been fixed in updates so I should just try to update? I think both Gutenberg and ACF can be updated in my case.

    Would appreciate any help with figuring out what might be causing this.

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