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Blocks – Maximum call stack size exceeded & High memory usage

  • I just updated to the newest version of pro. I have been having nothing but issues with it.

    Lets start with my setup. I have a field group with 14 fields. This includes some standard select fields and 4 tabs each containing a flex-content field with 13 options in each which are clones of other blocks. This is applied to a block called Row Builder.

    I use this as a row/column builder. It use to work amazing until the upgrade. Since then I receive Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded when clicking on a flex-content option.

    I also can not load the row block unless I increase the memory limit to 1000MB and admin-ajax returns a 12MB file after almost 30 seconds.

    Is anyone else having issues like this or know how to resolve them. I wish to update my sites but I can not with this erring.

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