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blocks.json and timings

  • Hi,

    I have taken over a website which uses ACF Blocks. I have not being able to update to ACF 6.0, which is fine for now.

    The site does not use blocks.json to register it’s blocks. All is still working fine now, even with WordPress 6.1.

    The client now wants a brand new site and is due to sign the order in Dec/ Jan 23.

    My question is, at what point will not using blocks.json become a problem for us? It would seem wasteful for the client to spend money on me rewriting all the registration methods, when they are about to start a new site (which will use ACF, but not AFC Blocks btw).

    However, if this is going to become an issue shortly, then I need to advise them that we need to start the work.

    Any pointers anyone?

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