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Blocks: Instructions always display below field

  • I’m trying out the Gutenberg blocks (ACF 5.8 beta 3) and so far it’s awesome, but I’m noticing that even though I have “Instruction Placement” set as “Below Labels,” the instructions are displaying below the fields.

  • This is something you should contact the developers about. No on here can help with bugs.

  • The reason this is happening is that there are a couple of spots in pro/blocks.php where the acf_render_fields() function is called with 'field' hardcoded as the fourth input parameter. (Lines 562 and 896 in version 6.0.6.)

    I wouldn’t advise editing the source code in a plugin, but I can confirm that just removing , 'field' from those two function calls does work to get the function to revert to the default 'label' value, and puts the instructions below the field labels rather than the fields themselves.

    I would have to dig a bit deeper into the code to determine how to actually get it to pass the proper 'instruction_placement' value from the field group configuration, but for my purposes I just needed a way to get it back to the default. Anyway… this should be an easy fix for the ACF devs if it’s on their radar. But it seems that it may not be. (I just submitted another ticket.)

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