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Block unique ID

  • Hi.

    We have a large multisite, which is built on ACF blocks.
    We also have build unique ACF functionality for that site, that was based on field key. See attachment_1.
    After ACF6.0 this input name is unique every time. So this can’t be used as unique identifier any more. Is there possibility that you can re-add something that could be saved in the post, by which I could determine this field. And this could be done automatically for fields/blocks. Good to mention, that we are not using block.json to register blocks, but pre ACF6.0 way.
    I know there is possible way to add unique thing for block I could use. in block ID section.
    But here is couple of things. Editors would need to save each post one time, before other custom functionality could work and second, we still need to migrate to block.json because I tested and it doesn’t return the custom id to editor(in database it exists). Similar thing was also in other forum ticket mentioned(this one).
    In general for us it would take about a week to migrate all blocks to block.json, because we have a lot of custom ACF blocks. So that is the reason why I ask if you could help with this kind of feature.

    Would appreciate any help on how we could automate this, so we shouldn’t change the way how the blocks are registered in our theme.

    Hope you understood our problem, if not please ask for more details 🙂

  • Hi. Is there someone who can help with this?

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