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Block concept for Bootstrap 4 with new ACF Pro 5.9 feature (InnerBlock)

  • I’ve been thinking for a long time about the best way to create ACF Blocks that will work with Bootstrap 4.
    Before 5.9.0 it was a bit harder, but now we have InnerBlock and that’s “game changer” in this case.

    My concept:
    1. We can create an empty CONTAINER block with the class container
    2. We can create an empty ROW block with the class row

    Now we can use a CONTAINER block and put our ROW block inside.
    This is relatively flexible.

    Right now I’m a bit confused about columns as I don’t want to use core/columns. The goal is to create this only with ACF blocks.
    Note that we are only talking about backend and editing in wp-admin (front-end is a different story, doesn’t matter now).

    Of course we can create anothers blocks with class col-* but these blocks will be one above the other (not very convenient for non-technical users to imagine)

    I’ve seen something like an InnerBlock template in ACF documents, but I don’t know how to use it only with ACF blocks. The ACF documentation shows only an example that uses core column blocks ( – section “template”)

    Using a repeater is not a solution. Bootstrap and ACF repeater was problematic in the perspective of changes – it has been discussed many times here.
    Using pre-made blocks with WYSYWIG is also not a solution as it is not flexible.

    We now have <InnerBlocks> so figured we could use it to solve these problems?
    Or maybe you have a completely different idea about it?
    Or maybe someone just got the idea how to create ACF blocks that will be displayed in columns in the backend?

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