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Blank page while editing Group Fields

  • For some reason, suddendly two out of three group fields started throwing a blank page when clicking on their title or on “Edit” link.

    One of them stil works as expected.
    Just for the record, I tried creating a new group field and editing it, and i t works.

    Notice: the Group Fields serve as option pages and they are unreachable even clicking on the custom menu created in the dashboard.

    I’m using WP 3.9.1 and ACF Pro Version 5.0.3

    P.S. Further notice: I’m pretty sure the error was given when adding a “Post Object” field to the Groups

  • Hi @digitalfaber

    Can you please enable debug mode and reload the page.

    Please post any PHP errors you see.


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  • I definitely confirm that errors are caused by Post Object field.

    I created a fresh new group and adding that type of field ends up with bkank screen when saving.

  • Ok, that was much simpler than expected… It was a memory issue.
    My hosting provider raised memory limit and this solved problem.
    Thank you!

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