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Blank Alt using Title

  • Wordpress has this functionality where if an image’s alt is empty it will use the title instead for an alt tag and I thought ACF Pro did as well for the Image and Gallery fields, but now if I have Images and they don’t have an Alt tag it just leaves it blank instead of using the Title tag. Is this on purpose? Am I crazy in thinking ACF Pro used to do this and it’s a bug?

  • Hi @info1562

    I’m not familiar with WordPress using the title as a fallback alt attribute? Are you sure it’s not just in your theme?

    I can’t say for certain wether ACF used to do this but I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea. consider the gallery field. Lets say you have 10 images in the gallery. If they all get the title as alt it’s completely useless for both search engines and text-to-speech etc. In those cases it would probably be preferred to keep an empty alt tag (But there should always be one!).

    So in short, if your title would be applied to many images it’s not a good idea. If the title has nothing to do with what’s on the image it’s also not really a good idea to use it.

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