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Big repeater table, slow down, admin-ajax.php

  • Hi,
    I have problem with repeater addon.
    On my page I have a CPT to create interactive tables on my site.
    Every table is a list of rows (repeater). Every column in row is one taxonomy (see attachment). Table have ~60 rows.
    Whole page is little laggy but it’s not a main issue.
    When I click on dropdown elements everything is fine but when I click on checkboxes interface is laggy on chrome.
    I tested it with developer tools and it seems that every click on checkboxes makes two calls to admin-ajax.php. Chrome waits for response and tick/untick a box after response. In firefox calls/ticks are asynchronous so in firefox every click generates two admin-ajax.php calls but firefox doesn’t wait for responses to tick/untick checkbox (interface feel is less laggy).
    I don’t need ajax in this CPT. For example I don’t test fields realtime, don’t show new elements based on clicks etc. I need simply table with checkboxes based on taxonomies.
    Can I disable ajax somehow for this page? Can I unbind admin-ajax.php call for checkboxes? How to do this?

  • Hi @DawidS

    The AJAX call is due to the taxonomy field effecting which field groups to show / hide.

    The taxonomy field contains an option to ‘save / load’ to database. If this option is NOT selected, the AJAX should not fire.

    If the AJAX is firing, you are experiencing a current bug which is now FIXED in the latest ACF on github. Perhaps you could download and test it out?


  • I have Unchecked option “Load & Save Terms to Post – Load value based on the post’s terms and update the post’s terms on save” in all of my taxonomy fields.
    Is it that option? (to save/load to database).

    I tested github version today and I can’t get it working. After replacing files ACF stopped working. In post I have just standard list of “own/meta fields’ with name/value.
    If I go to ACF menu I have a list of groups of fields. Every group is empty (only input field with name) with white page under.
    I tried replace files without core folder and acf.php. ACF works but admin-ajax is still called and it shows standard tinymce field above my table after first click on checkbox.

    Additional info about my installation:
    I’m integrating ACF plugin (and all ACF addons) into my template with require_once for example: require_once( dirname (__FILE__) . ‘/advanced-custom-fields/acf.php’ );

    This helps me to integrate ACF like ‘ACF light’ version.
    User don’t have plugin on plugins list. I can hide ACF menu by commenting line in acf.php: add_action(‘admin_menu’, array($this,’admin_menu’));
    I can easly add more fields/change them without second installation for ACF GUI. I can just show ACF menu, done my job and hide it again.

    Maybe this way of integrating ACF generates my problems with new version?

    I will create new wordpress installation from scratch with normal installation of ACF plugins and I will test it again (but it takes me a while).

  • Hi @DawidS

    Thanks for the feedback, but can you please elaborate more on what is and isn’t working with the 4.3 from github.

    The issues you stated have not yet been reported by any testing so I wonder if it due to another reason… Perhaps a JS error? Perhaps a hard refresh was needed for CSS classes?

    Please do follow up after you have tested this again. If there is an issue with including the 4.3 within a theme, this is definitely something I need to look at


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