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Big problem with disappearing fields on options page after update

  • Hi.

    After the last update the fields on one of our options page disappeared.

    We traced it back and it seems that the slug for the options page changed with the update.

    The slug changed name from:

    Thus all of our fields on that options page disappeared.

    This will affect basically all of our current clients and it will take us a lot of time to fix. Could you add backwards compatibility for this for the next release or anything else that can fix this?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Why did ACF suddenly decide to remove the e?

    Just want to try and figure that out.

    What are the rest of the settings for the options page in question?

  • Hi! Sorry for not adding enough info about the problem. I’m talking with Elliot directly about it right now. I wrote this to him:

    We have tried to recreate the issue on one of our other installations but without luck so i think this was only on one specific site of ours.
    This happened on a pretty big and complicated site. My guess is that it happened in combination with WPML and a few specific settings.

    We declared the options page like this:
    ‘title’ => ‘Allmänt’,
    ‘parent’ => ‘ac-settings’

    So it is most likely the translation from “Allmänt” that changed somehow when we updated the plugins.

    We have now added the ‘menu_slug’ => ”, for future installs so that this problem won’t appear again.

  • I had a feeling that would be part of the problem, using a special character in the title and ACF removing that character when creating the slug. I usually always specify my own slugs instead of letting some code make the decision for me. Glad you’re getting it worked out.

  • This new update wiped out all my select fields in flex content fields.

    I can’t see anything obvious that changed between these updates, but I’m kinda scared now to update my other sites!

  • Actually a little more investigation reveals it’s not an update, but importing a file created in the last version with select fields.

    When I import the file the selects do not come in (they’re just blank)

  • This was NOT acf related. Really sorry for this, it was either an update of WPML or when we added Danish and German languages that caused the problem. It converted all permalinks from for example: Allmänt -> allmaent. Before it was Allmänt -> allmant.

    We solved it by:
    a. Defining: ‘menu_slug’
    b. Adding a filter that solved the permalinks problem

    If anyone need the solution, please contact me.

    Thank you for the quick help ACF and sorry again!

    Marking this as solved.

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