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Bidirectional term-to-term relationship

  • Ive read about ACF Bidirectional Relationships ( but this is between posts (Relationship).

    What if I want, on a term edit page, to have a field allowing the selection of a term from a different Taxonomy, and to have that relationship be reciprocated in the other side?

    Not strictly a “Relationship”and I don’t believe WordPress even supports term-to-term relationships… (?).

  • +1 for this.

    I don’t know if you have checked out – it seems to add bidirectional relationships as a feature, but I’m not sure if this is between taxonomy terms or just between posts.

  • I don’t know if that plugin will do what you want or not, first I’ve heard of it.

    Ad far as doing this with code it would work in a similar way. The biggest difference would be that anywhere that you’re getting or setting a value, instead of $post_id you would use 'term_'.$post_id for the post you want to get or set the value from. The value you’re setting would be the same $post_id as this would be the term ID for a taxonomy field.

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