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Better way to add long descriptive labels for fields

  • I followed the guide here for using acf on front end pages. now the problem is I need to insert a section of text in between the fields without making it editable. it should show html markup coming from a wsyiwyg field. thing is we are limited to using acf_form once and it will show all fields at once without getting in between the structure of the fields. and example of what I need is;

    In our universe there are lots of models for success and achievement from many different fields
    of endeavour. There are persons who have done amazing things with their talents and
    resources. <insert image diagram here>
    <acf text area field here>

    Anyone can help?

  • If I understand this correctly you want something like a text message between the fields?
    Have you tried to use a message field from the layout field types? Will this do the trick?

  • Fixed this by creating my own custom acf field. the new custom field gets a field name and does get_field(“myfieldname”) on the render_field() function. This shows any field entered to render into the edit section. I could have a wysiwyg show up as long fancy instructions for the user to read. Better way to work up a sign up form with fancy text or a popup terms and agreement. the only thing left now is to hide the labels which I can easily do with css.

    function render_field( $field ) {
    		$id = $field['field_idname'];
    				echo get_field($id,'options');
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