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Better URL field

  • Hi there,

    Would be nice if there would be a better website/url field in the future.
    Right now there’s no way to determine if the link should be opened _blank or not, or add a title to the link.

    This plugin: seems to work okay, but it’s a bit silly to be needing this for such a simple addition.

    Thanks, Toine

  • The developer recently commented on another request that was similar, basically about adding additional controls to a field type

    For something like this I would create several fields, not just a single field, that’s if I wanted to give the editor the choice, and to be honest, I’m not sure I’d give the editor these kinds of choices, I might just confuse them.

    1) Link Type: Radio internal or external
    2) Page Link field conditional on 1
    3) Url field conditional on 1
    4) Check box field to set if it should be opened in a new window
    5) A text field to add the link text
    6) A text field to add an alternate title attribute for the link

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